Climbing Mt.Tsurugi
T.I.A. will climb Mt. Tsurugi, the highest mountain in Tokushima, and the second highest in western Japan, at 1955 meters above sea level. Autumn is the best season to be physically active, refresh your body and mind, and enjoy beautiful scenery without the heat. Beginning climbers and novices alike can join us as there are two levels of courses - elementary and intermediate. Only 40 applicants will be accepted. In the case that there are more than 40 applicants, participants will be chosen by lottery. Results will be announced on the day following the application deadline, so be sure to check the T.I.A. homepage and/or Facebook page.
1.DATE & TIME: October 20, 2019 (Sunday)
          6:15 am (meet at T.I.A.) - 6:00pm (arrive back at T.I.A.)
    *In the case of inclement weather, this activity will be cancelled.
2.HOW TO APPLY: ・Application Deadline: 5:00pm October 16 (Wednesday)
            ・Contact the T.I.A. office via telephone, e-mail, or fax.
            ・Provide your name, nationality, address, phone number, and e-mail                       address.
*Contact information will be necessary for T.I.A. to inform applicants of the lottery results.
・Participants must be elementary students or older, and children must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
3.PARTICIPATION FEE: 700 yen (T.I.A. members and foreigners)
               2,000 yen (non-members)
     (only bus and leisure insurance fee included. Lunch and lift fee not included)
4.COURSES: ・“Relax”Course: Use the lift to the halfway point (Nishijima Shrine), then climb the               remainder of the course.
        ・“Ganbare”Course: Climb the entire course from the bottom to the peak.
5.LUNCH: BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH and DRINK. Only a light meal will be available at
       the mountain hut.
6.CLOTHING: It is recommended to wear long pants, a hat, a jacket and sneakers or hiking boots.
7.SUPPLIES: Rain wear (rain poncho/jacket), gloves, a towel, walking stick, medications, and spare             clothes.

 2019年10月20日(日)午前6時15分 徳島市国際交流協会に集まります。
                午後6時    徳島市国際交流協会に帰ってきます。
2.申込みの方法:10月16日(水)午後5時までに電話、ファックス、電子メールで TIAに申し込んで下さ  い。参加をしたい人の名前、出身国、住所、電話番号、電子メ ールアドレスを教えて下さい。募集人   数(40人)を超えた場合の抽選の結果は、TI Aのホームページやフェイスブックでお知らせします。
3.参加費:外国人とTIA会員 700円 ・ 一般2,000円
       (参加費は見ノ越までの往復バス、レジャー保険のお金だけです。昼ご飯のお金は入って い        ません。又、リフトに乗る人は自分でお金を払って下さい。)
4.コースについて :徳島から見ノ越までバスで行きます。
           *リッラクスコース:見ノ越から、リフトで西島神社まで行き、それから、山道を歩い              て一番上まで行きます。
5.昼ご飯:自分で持ってきてください。剣山山頂のヒュッテで簡単な食事をとることが できます。
6.服 装:運動のできる服と靴、帽子、上着(ズボンは、長いほうがいいです)

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