Every year, TIA organizes various events to provide opportunities for cultural exchanges between foreigners living in or visiting Tokushima and city residents.


● Spring Friendship Project "Tour of Tokushima City's Cultural Assets"

Every spring, TIA holds a Spring Friendship and Exchange event. In April 2005, in order to allow foreigners newly come to Tokushima to get used to life here as quickly as possible, we organized a one-day tour of tourist spots to help them learn about Tokushima's history and culture. A total of 25 foreigners and TIA members participated and visited the Tokushima Castle Museum, the Awa Odori Hall, and Mt. Bizan. They also went to se the <i>jurori</i> puppet show at the Awa Jurobei Yashiki.



      Summer Friendship Project "Awa Odori, TIA<i>-ren</i>"

Every year, from August 12th to 15th, the TIA<i>-ren</i> (dance group) participates in the Awa Odori festival. In 2005, approximately 100 foreigners and Japanese joined the group and, with the help of the 50 or so members of the Aikko<i>-ren</i>, fully enjoyed a Tokushima summer night.


● Autumn Friendship Project

Every autumn, TIA holds a Friendship and Exchange event for Sports Day, organizing an activity that allows everyone to enjoy "sports autumn" and "appetite autumn" to the fullest. In 2004, we climbed Mt. Tsurugi, a 1,995 m. peak which is the tallest in Tokushima and the second tallest in Western Japan. Many people participated, from beginners to advanced climbers, choosing one of three courses leading to the summit and enjoying the "sports autumn". After admiring the wonderful scenery provided by the changing colors of the autumn leaves, everyone relaxed both mind and body at a hot spring. In 2005, at Anan's Kitanowaki Beach some 40 people (half of whom were foreigners) tried their hand at dragnet fishing. Although it was a first for almost all participants, they were able to catch lots of fish and enjoy the "taste of autumn"


● End-of-year Bowling Competition

Every December, TIA organizes a bowling competition. Last year, 35 people from seven countries got together and competed fiercely for prizes. It was a sporting event that allowed everyone to enjoy a lot of cultural intermingling.



● New Year's Dance Party

It has become customary for TIA to host an international exchange dance party at the beginning of the new year. Every year, a large number of people, such as foreigners and their families, friends, members and non-members join the fun. In between dancing to the twist, the jitterbug, the tango and other tunes, people take an occasional break to chat while grabbing a bite. That gives them the chance to make lots of new friends. There's also a kids' dance contest and a raffle. It's an event that's sure to let people forget about the passage of time and enjoy the mingling of cultures.


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