770-0855 1-88, Shinkura-cho, Tokushima-shi

Tokushima City Hall Branch Office, 2nd Floor

TEL (088)-622-6066 FAX (088)624-3169

E-mail : info@tia81.com


President: Hiromu Morizumi


General Incorporated Association


July 17th, 1981


For the citizens of Tokushima and of foreign cities to share in understanding and friendship, be active in mutual exchanges and contribute to world peace and prosperity.

[Number of members]

About 200 private members, 19 corporate members, 6 groups of special members, 9 families and 8 students.

[Membership fee]

Entrance fee: none
Annual membership fees: Private - ¥5000, Students (high school or higher) - ¥2000, Special - ¥15,000, Coporations - ¥20,000, Families - ¥8,000


[Main Activities]

International Exchange Gatherings (Exchange events with foreigners: about 5 during the year)

Foreign Language Courses (four English classes, two French classes)

Japanese Courses for Foreigners (Beginner, Elementary, and Intermediate, for a total of three classes)

Lending of household articles (for foreign students)

Introduction of Japanese culture to foreigners

Introduction of foreign cultures

Sports and other exchanges (The TIA soccer team)

Newsletters: Kokusai Koryu (yearly) and TIA News (quarterly)

Maintenance of a discussion room, a lounge and a library


〒770-0855 1-88, Shinkura-cho, Tokushima-shi
TEL 088-622-6066