T.I.A.Translation and Interpretation Committee Study Session Participants Wanted

The TIA Translation and Interpretation Committee holds a study session in the meeting room on the fourth Saturday of each month. A theme is chosen, and each participant presents a short speech on that theme. The details of this month's session are as follows. Hope to see you there!

 1.Day and time: September 22nd.2018(Sat)       

 2.Place: Tokushima International Association Meeting Room
         (2nd floor, 88-1 Shinkura-cho, Tokushima-shi)

 3. Contents: The theme is " free topic "

         Please prepare a short speech

  4. This month's instructor: Keith Rice san

  5. Participation fee: ¥500 (this helps cover the instructor's compensation)

 6. Eligibility: TIA Members
    Please contact the TIA office (622-6066) for details

 *Sample of a previous session (January 28th, 2006)
                      (April 22nd.2006)
                      (May 27th.2006) 
                      (June 17th.2006)
                      (October 28th.2006)
                      (January 27th. 2007)
                       (May 27th.2007)

〒770-0855 1-88, Shinkura-cho, Tokushima-shi
TEL 088-622-6066